Jose Antonio Quintana Susilla was born in Cantabria in 1976 where he continues to live and work.

He started working at a very early age, setting his creativity loose into large murals and street graffiti. After his experience living in London for some time he focused his creative efforts in more specific studio works, but always kept that free and upbeat attitude towards his painting that is natural to a vocational artist.

His works are intense and textured, usually favoring daring compositions of form and color that result in stunning effects by experimental use of non-traditional pigments like iron, brass and copper rust, dirt, sea water and sand, organic and mineral pigments, graphite, etc.

Quintana Susilla is primarily a figurative artist but his notorious attention to the process of painting and a relentless quest to present his own reality from as many interpretations as possible, his works seem to belong to a unique, very personal and distant realm. While painting, he usually sets out an inspiring and inviting controlled chaos from which he wisely extract a subtle order.

Therefore, Quintana Susilla’s figuration has completed a long journey towards simplification in its formal qualities while acquiring richness and complexity of content.

His talent has been acknowledged and profusely recognized by an extensive list of awards granted in recent years.

Selected Awards

2016_Adquisition Award_XV “Virgen de las Viñas Awards (Tomelloso_Ciudad Real_Spain).

2016_First Prize_IX Ciudad de Badajoz Awards (Badajoz_Spain).

2016_First Prize_ XLIX Sant Joan D’alacant Awards (Alicante_Spain).

2015_ Second Prize_ IX AguaGranada Foundation Awards (Granada_Spain).

2015_ Second Prize_XXVII MAGRAMA Awards_ Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (Madrid_Spain).

2015_ First Prize_I Infiesto_Piloña National Painting Contest (Asturias).

2015_ First Prize_XXI ‘Jose Maria del Rio Moreno’ National Painting Contest (Burgos_Spain).

2015_ Adquisition Award_ VII Social institute of the Armed Forces Awards (Madrid_Spain).

2014_First Prize_ XV Villa de Comillas International Painting Contest (Cantabria_Spain).

2014_First Prize_VI Udalla National Painting Contest (Cantabria_Spain).

2014_Second Prize_ XXI Sariego National Painting Contest (Asturias_Spain).

2013_ Adquisition Award_ VII Social institute of the Armed Forces Awards (Madrid_Spain).

2012_Adquisition Award_XI “Virgen de las Viñas Awards (Tomelloso_Ciudad Real_Spain).

2012_ Special Award_ “100 años del Palacio de la Magdalena” de Santander Award (Cantabria_Spain).

2012_Adquisition Award BBVA (ISFAS) Awards_(Madrid_Spain).

2012_ Adquisition Award_ V Social institute of the Armed Forces Awards (Madrid_Spain).

2012_First Prize_ XXI “Manuel Liaño Beristain” Awards (Cantabria_Spain).

2012_Adquisition Award_Air Forces Awards(Madrid_Spain).

2011_Fourth Prize_ XXIII Parque del Buen Retiro National Painting Contest (Madrid_Spain).

2011_First Prize_ XXXII Villaescusa Ars Competition (Cantabria_Spain).

2011_Adquisition Award_ IV Social institute of the Armed Forces Awards (Madrid_Spain).

2011_ Adquisition Award_X “Virgen de las Viñas Awards (Tomelloso_Ciudad Real_Spain).

2010_ First Prize_ XIX “Manuel Liaño Beristain” Awards (Cantabria_Spain).

2010_Primer Premio en el VII Concurso de Pintura Manuel Salces – Reinosa (Cantabria)

2010_Segundo Premio en el XIII Certamen Nacional de Pintura “Dario de Regoyos” (Asturias).

2010_Accesit en el XXXI Certamen de Artes Plasticas de Villaescusa, modalidad “oleo” (Cantabria).

2009_Second Prize_ TAMAYO National Painting Contest (San Sebastian_Spain).

2009_Spetial Award_ LEIOA Young Artist Awards (Vasc Country_Spain).

2008_First Prize_XXIX “Villa de Olmedo” National Painitng Contest (Valladolid).

2008_ First Prize_ XVII “Manuel Liaño Beristain” Awards (Cantabria_Spain).

2007_First Prize_ “2007 Young Artsts Awards” (Cantabria_Spain).

Selected Art Fairs

2017_ Art Madrid 12th CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR_ESPIRAL Gallery (Madrid_Spain).

2015_ ArteOviedo 2015 ASTURIAS CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR , OCToGONO Gallery (Oviedo_Spain).

2015_ “Please, art” CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR_ARTE MAYOR 44 Gallery (Salamanca_Spain).

2015_ Art Sevilla CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR_ ESPIRAL Gallery (Sevilla_Spain).

2015_ AAF Affordable Art Fair_ ESPIRAL Gallery (Brussels_Belgium).

2015_ST ART_Foire Europeenne d’Art Contemporain _ ESPIRAL Gallery (Strassburg_France).


2014_ LILLE ART FAIR 2014_ ESPIRAL GALLERY (Lille_France).

2014_ST ART_Foire Europeenne d’Art Contemporain _ ESPIRAL Gallery (Strassburg_France).

2014_Art Madrid 9th CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR_ ESPIRAL Gallery (Madrid_Spain).

2013_ST ART_Foire Europeenne d’Art Contemporain _ ESPIRAL Gallery (Strassburg_France).

2013_ LILLE ART FAIR 2013_ ESPIRAL GALLERY (Lille_France).

2009_ART MaLAGA Art Fair (Malaga)_ JAVIER ROMaN GALLERY (Malaga) .

2009_PROPONENDO Art Fair (Nuove Proponte per L’arte Comtenporanea) )_JAVIER ROMaN GALLERY (Forte Dei Marmi_Italy).

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2016/2013_Solo Exhibition ESPACIO 36_aNGEL ALMEIDA GALLERY (Zamora_Spain).

2016_Solo Exhibition aNGEL CANTERO GALLERY (Leon_Spain).

2015_Soo Exhibition ESPACIO GARCILASO GALLERY_ (Cantabria_Spain).

2015_Solo Exhibition OCToGONO GALLERY (Aviles_Spain).

2013_Solo Exhibition BELLAS ARTES GALLERY (Gijon_Spain).

2013_Solo Exhibition ESPIRAL GALLERY (Cantabria_Spain).

2013_Solo Exhibition CERVANTES GALLERY (Cantabria_Spain).

2012_Solo Exhibition HERRaIZ GALLERY (Madrid_Spain).

2012_Solo Exhibition CERVANTES GALLERY (Cantabria_Spain).

2011_Solo Exhibition HERRaIZ GALLERY (Madrid_Spain).

2011_Solo Exhibition MAYTE AWARDS FOUNDATION– (Cantabria_Spain).

2010_Solo Exhibition CC22 GALLERY (Madrid_Spain).

2010_Solo Exhibition CERVANTES GALLERY (Cantabria_Spain).

2009_Solo Exhibition CC22 GALLERY (Madrid_Spain).

2009_Solo Exhibition CERVANTES GALLERY (Cantabria_Spain).

2008_Solo Exhibition PEPE HIERRO GALLERY – Santander (Cantabria).

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016/2015/2014/2013/2012/2011/2010_Group Exhibitions ESTE GALLERY (Cantabria_Spain).

2016/2015/2014/2013/2012/2011_Group Exhibitions OCToGONO GALLERY (Asturias_Spain).

2014/2013/2012/2011/2010_Group Exhibitions ACUARELA GALLERY (Cantabria_Spain).

2013/2012/2011/2010_Group Exhibitions RiO 10 GALLERY (Burgos_Spain).

2015_Group Exhibition Llançà (Girona).

2015_Group Exhibition MAYOR 22 GALLERY (Palencia_Spain).

2015_Group Exhibition aNGEL CANTERO Gallery(Leon_Spain).

2015_ Group Exhibition CCM_Caja Castilla la Mancha Foundation (Cuenca_Spain).

2014_Group Exhibition CASYCObra Social Caja Cantabria Foundation (Santander_Spain).

Selected Publications/Symposiums/Biennials

2015_ “FIELDS”_JOSe ANTONIO QUINTANA. Ediciones Garcilaso. Deposito Legal: SA 561-2015. ISBN: 978-84-943660-8-6.

2015_ Portugalete Bienial (Vizcaya_Spain).

2015_ 50M2. Deposito Legal: BI-29-2015. ISBN: 978-84617-3974-5.

2014_ “OPEN STUDIOS PROJECT” Art Curator_Manuel Fernandez Saro (Cantabria_Spain).

2013_ XIII Symposium “SIANOJA 2013” (Cantabria_Sapin).

PLUMA Y PINCEL 19. Deposito Legal SA-126-1993. ISSN: 1133-5173.